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Skin Care & Waxing Services

Start or continue your skin care journey at Adrift. We take the time to understand your skin care needs. 

Skin Care

Signature Facial $80

Essential steps of exfoliation, moisturizing and a customized mask. Designed to thoroughly cleanse the skin and flush out embedded debris and impurities, the Signature Facial treatment is ideal for normal and normal to oily skin types.

Brown Cosmetic Mask

Men's Facial $80

Men’s facial treatments include acne treatment, scar therapy, and anti-aging solutions.


Exfoliating Enzyme Facial $105

Balance your complexion with this ultra-resurfacing treatment to exfoliate dead surface skin cells reducing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles, leaving skin firmer, healthier & revitalized with a noticeably more even complexion.

Face Care

Deep cleanse Facial $90

This facial is for all skin types. It focuses on break outs from clogged pores and extracting impurities from the skin. Combines the steps of exfoliation, steam, deep-pore cleansing, and a customized mask.

Salt Massage

Back Facial $80

This relaxing treatment gives you all the benefits of our signature facial while targeting any problem areas either it be breakouts or dry skin on your back. Leaving your back smooth & rebalanced.


Signature Facelift Facial $105

Custom-tailored to meet the individual's unique needs.

A variety of facial massage techniques and products used to address anything from fine lines, deep creases, lax skin, thinning lips, sunken cheeks, loss of facial volume in a non-invasive treatment.

A woman getting facial masked

Clarifying Peel $90

Treat a wide range of skin conditions, including acne scars, sun damage, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation with a non-invasive face peel mask. This progressive exfoliating treatment will leave you glowing.

multi masking.jpg

Combination Facial $90

Combination facials treat multiple skin concerns by simultaneously applying different face masks to various areas of your face depending on what each area needs. Ideal for oily and dry skin types. 


LED Light treatment $25

LED (light-emitting diode) light therapy treats various skin conditions and concerns, such as acne, fine lines and psoriasis. It comes in different types, including red light LED therapy and blue light LED therapy.


  • Brow wax $15                     

  • Lip or Chin $10                     

  • Brow, Lip & Chin wax $35

  • Full face wax $50

  • Half leg wax $60 

  • Full leg wax $80

  • Half arm wax $40

  • Full arm wax $60 

  •  Brazilian $70 ($65 maintenance) 

  • Bikini wax $50

  • Sideburns wax $15 

  • Under arm wax $25 

  • Back or Chest $65 

  • Lash Tinting $20

  • Lash & Brow Tinting $35

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